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lean Toys

We offer high-quality products for children. We invite wholesalers interested in stationary and online sales to cooperate with us. We also operate a modern commercial solution that allows small and large entrepreneurs to expand their assortment without increasing their own warehouse space, i.e. dropshipping sales in Poland and abroad.


Dropshipping is a type of cooperation in which one entity (this is what you can be), when selling via an online store, auction portal, online catalog or social media, plays the role of an intermediary between the product supplier (this is us LEAN Toys) and the end customer. In other words: you deal with the activities related to the promotion and sale of the product, customer service, collecting orders and submitting them to us. We handle warehouse processes and shipment of goods.

How to start cooperation and sales with profit? It’s easy!


We invite you to cooperate in the form of dropshipping, and B2B